Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Send Out Text Messages to Students Using a Safe and Easy Tool

Remind (formerly Remind101) is a great tool that allows you to send out messages (in the form of texts, emails, or notifications if you have the Remind app) to all of your "subscribers".  Your subscribers could be your students, players on your team, club members, members of your department, or staff on campus.  

You can even send images, voice clips, or documents through Remind.

The best part is that you will never see your subscribers cell phone numbers or email addresses, and they will never see your phone number. 

I have used Remind for years and my students love getting the text reminders.  They are not so great at checking and reading their emails, but they always check their texts!  You can send out reminders to bring their book to class, due dates, or even send a picture of the problem written out on your white board.  

A new feature of Remind is stamps.  Using stamps allows you to send out messages or questions to your subscribers, and they can reply with one of four stamps (star, check, x, or question mark).  It's a great way to get instant feedback, outside or inside of class.

Remind is rolling out a new "Chat" feature which allows you to message your subscribers individually, and you can set office hours to control when students can "chat" with you.  I have been able to test it out and it is really a great addition!

Remind is an amazing tool that allows you to send out messages instantly.  Our students are all glued to their phones, especially for texting.  Take advantage of that form of communication and send them information that you know they will read.  Click here to sign up and create a Remind class.  Here's a link with lots of information for teachers, including letters to send home to parents.

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