Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mute Unwanted Email Chains

Sometimes people get a little carried away with "Reply All", and an important email announcement quickly becomes an email thread that you just don't want or need to see.  

Did you know you can "Mute" an email thread/chain in Gmail?  Muting means the future replies to this thread will not enter your "Inbox".  These emails aren't deleted or blocked, you can still find them and all future replies in your "All Mail" folder.  By muting these emails, you won't be bothered by all of the responses to the email.

Here's how I might use it....  an email was sent about a social event that I can not attend.  Soon, everyone on campus is replying to this email with what potluck items they are bringing.  I don't want to keep getting new messages for this thread in my inbox.  If I mute the email, I will still get the emails, but they won't show up in my inbox, instead, they will be automatically archived, and I can find them in my "All Mail" folder.  (Note:  You may want to check out your muted threads every once in a while, because sometimes people use the same thread to change the subject of the email.)

To mute an email, click on "More".  Then choose "Mute".  

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