Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Control SMART Notebook Software from your iPad

Have you ever wanted to walk around your classroom with your iPad, and control SMART Notebook presentations, wirelessly?  Even write on your SMART Board (using SMART Notebook) from around the room?  Now, it's possible!  (And this isn't like the old SMART wireless tablets where you couldn't see a thing on the tablet.)

What do you Need?

  • SMART Notebook 14 
    • (the district will be upgrading our Notebook Software from v.11 to v.14 very soon)
  • an iPad (iOS version 6.1 or later) 
    • sorry, we won't be able to provide you with one, but if you have your own, and feel comfortable using it at school, you will love this!
  • SMART Notebook iPad App 
    • It will cost you $6.99.
  • SMART Notebook Maestro 

How to enable Maestro
  • Download the SMART Notebook Maestro add-on.  Then Install the add-on by double clicking the download. Then select "OK" to continue and then "Done" to close the window.
  • Enable the SMART Maestro - see the picture to the right.
    1. Press the "Add-ons tab" in SMART Notebook. 
    2. Select "Notebook Maestro."
    3. Then press "Enable Maestro."
    4. Restart SMART Notebook software. 
      • You must restart SMART Notebook software to enable the connection.

Using SMART Maestro
  • Open up your SMART Notebook iPad app. 
    • Tap "Connect to SMART Notebook Software" in the SMART Notebook for iPad app, and then follow the pop-up instructions in the iPad app to complete the connection process. 

  • Open SMART Notebook on your computer.

    1. Open up the "Add-ons menu."
    2. Select "Notebook Maestro."
    3. A QR Code will appear.  Scan this using your iPad (after choosing "Connect to SMART Notebook Software" from the above steps.
    4. Now, you will be able to control your SMART Notebook wirelessly from your iPad.

There may be an issued if your iPad and computer are not on the same Wi-Fi network. (However, it worked for me when I was logged in to the Staff Wifi on my iPad and the computer was plugged into the wired Internet.)  If it isn't allowing you to connect, please put in a support request at support.seq.org to make sure your iPad is on the correct Wi-Fi network.

This will only allow you to control the SMART Notebook software, not any other website or program (like Microsoft Office).   

However, you can always "print" your documents or web pages into SMART Notebook.  
In a document (or webpage), click on print.  Change the printer from your actual printer to the SMART Notebook Document Writer.  Here are some step by step directions on how to do this, and other ways to capture your pages into SMART Notebook software.  Now, you will be able to write on these SMART Notebook docs with your iPad.

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